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Central New York Auto Accident Attorney Battles for Your Best Result

Standing up for the rights of New Yorkers injured in vehicle crashes

If you have been injured in an automobile accident caused by someone else, New York attorney Keith R. Young will stand up against insurance companies and at-fault parties to ensure your rights are protected. Involvement in an auto accident is painful enough, often leaving victims with lifelong impairment. Leave the insurance battle and other stressful legal matters to a professional you can trust. With more than 14 years’ experience successfully handling personal injury claims, I will work to get the full compensation you need and deserve so you can concentrate on getting on with your life.

Ensuring you get maximum compensation for your injuries

Guiding my clients to the best possible outcome for their personal injury claim is what I do. I will keep you informed, help you make sound decisions, and assert your rights both in and out of the courtroom. As your personal injury attorney, I can:

  • Fight uncooperative insurance companies and communicate with the other party’s insurer.
  • Obtain evidence necessary for proving fault.
  • Gather appropriate medical bills and documentation of loss.
  • Communicate with your doctors to ensure you and your claim are handled with care.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement.
  • Articulate your case persuasively in court.

Much goes into a well-planned and executed auto accident claim. When you work with me, you can focus on your future rather than dealing with complex legal issues.

What remedy can you expect from your auto accident claim?

The type and amount of compensation awarded in New York auto accident injury claims varies from case to case. Depending on the unique details of your claim, you could be awarded damages for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and property loss. If you were injured in a car accident, it’s important to know that a claim must be filed within three years from the date of the accident, but the sooner you act, the better chance you have at getting the results you want. I will help you understand the unique details of your case while aggressively working toward the highest amount of compensation possible.

Why you need a personal injury attorney

People often wonder if they can handle their insurance and injury claim themselves after an accident. In simple cases, this might be true. Unfortunately, when it comes to auto accidents, there are many complications that can arise should you attempt to handle the matter yourself. Injuries can manifest long after the accident, resulting in increased medical debt and loss of mobility. Additionally, insurance companies are backed by a team of skilled attorneys who know how to minimize payout for accident claims. And when your injuries are serious, requiring ongoing medical treatment and resulting in your inability to work, it’s important to be fully compensated for losses that extend into the future. To level the playing field and ensure your rights are protected, it’s in your best interest to seek trusted legal support from a personal injury attorney.

Contact a Central New York auto accident attorney you can trust

If you have been injured in an auto accident or suffered pedestrian-related injures because of the recklessness of another, I will protect your rights to fair compensation. People of Central New York can count on attorney Keith R. Young for client-centered, dedicated representation that gets results. The sooner you act, the better chance you have of a good outcome. To schedule a free consultation at my Camillus office, contact me online or call me at 315-728-9503 today.


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